Our Activities

US based Products / Solutions

usaDEGEL.US has developed partnerships with multiple US based manufacturers that are mainly focused on the defense industry. Many of these partners have synergies in their product lines and practically help forming a fully integrated solution that is built from different leading manufacturers. Together with a fully integrated solution, DEGEL provides variety of support services, such as, assistance in installation, technical trainings, maintenance, etc. The local support services are greatly appreciated by DEGEL’s manufacturing partners, specifically, in large scale projects and FMF projects where it is a mandatory for the US manufacturer to provide local support in Israel.

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Activities In the Indian Market

indiaAccording to various reports, Israel is the second largest armaments exporter to India, which is in turn the world’s largest arms importer. Israeli defense exports to India, estimated at several billion dollars per year and includes, among other things, the sale of systems such as ships, artillery, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), missiles, radars, defense systems and more.
Starting 2006, by the request of the Indian government, every large scale defense projectcarried outby anon-Indian, Volume of approximately 50 million USD, committed offset (Industrial Cooperation), consisting of 30% of the total transaction.

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Our Services

Mechanical Design & Manufacturing

DEGEL.US’s Mechanical Design and Manufacturing group is specialized in the design of mechanical parts/assemblies for variety of applications in the Military, Health, and other industries, according to customer requirements.
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Designing an Operator Console involves many stages and a deep understanding of the customer’s requirements.
Our products: Console Operator Line. Lightweight Thermal Shroud (LTS) For T-72 and for 105mm Canon. Shelters & Containers.
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Ruggedized Rackmount Performance

ECS invented portable Rackmount cases in 1969 and has continued toset the bar for Rackmount usability, compact design and innovation. Loadmaster TMRackmount Cases provide unbeatable durability for valuable payloads.
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Finding the best source for the required product/solution. Open and transparent communication channel between the selected Manufacturer and the customer to ensure that product specification, delivery and price requirements are fully met.
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