US Based Products / Solutions

DEGEL.US has developed partnerships with multiple US based manufacturers that are mainly focused on the defense industry. Many of these partners have synergies in their product lines and practically help forming a fully integrated solution that is built from different leading manufacturers. Together with a fully integrated solution, DEGEL provides variety of support services, such as, assistance in installation, technical trainings, maintenance, etc.

The local support services are greatly appreciated by DEGEL’s manufacturing partners, specifically, in large scale projects and FMF projects where it is a mandatory for the US manufacturer to provide local support in Israel. Partnering with DEGEL allows US based manufacturing partners to comply with the local support requirement in large scale and FMF projects and participate in these business opportunities.

DEGEL.US has many years of experience in the Israeli defense market and has full understanding of the requirements and priorities of the Israeli end-users. DEGEL.US’s team has excellent exposure to projects at their early stages, key personnel, and decision makers within the Israeli Military industry. That includes working relationships with key personnel from all major System integration companies (e.g. Elbit, Rafael, IAI, etc.), all Israeli Defense Force (IDF) divisions and Government entities.

The professional team at DEGEL.US works together with its US based manufacturing partners to offer Israelicustomers as follows:

  1. Technical Requirements analysis

  2. BTP (Built To Print) capabilities

  3. BTS (Built To Spec) Capabilities

  4. COTS – wide variety of relevant Military solutions

  5. Identifying the optimal solution:

  • COTS/MOTS (Commercial/Military Off The Shelf) products

  • Modified or per Spec products

  • Assistance in specifying the products and engaging with relevant vendors that can comply with a high quality cost effective solution, that meets or exceeds the customer’s requirements and project schedule.

DEGEL.US helps bridging the gap between the Israeli and the US culture and ensuring proper and professional communication between Israeli and US individuals that are working on the same project.

DEGEL.US empowers it US based Manufacturing partners with the following:

  1. Assistance with prototype testing

  2. Identify new business opportunities

  3. Match the right US partner for the project, based on requirements analysis

  4. Monitor activities in Israel and report back

  5. Accompany US Partner personnel during their visits to Israel (set meetings, etc.)

  6. Appoint a local POC on behalf of the US manufacturer for Israeli customers

  7. In large scale and FMF based projects

  • Local Support and Warranty services

  • Local repair facilities

  • Local Training to End-user staff

  • 24×7 Help Desk

  • Dispatch Technician for onsite support

  • More…