Mechanical Design & Manufacturing

DEGEL.US’s Mechanical Design and Manufacturing group is specialized in the design of mechanical parts/assemblies for variety of applications in the Military, Health, and other industries, according to customer requirements. If needed, our team can provide a full turnkey solution that includes also the manufacturing of the product.

DEGEL.US works very closely with the military market and it is an approved vendor to some major defense system integration companies in Israel, such as, Rafael, Elbit Systems, Israeli Air Industries (IAI) and others.

DEGEL.US can manufacture mechanical products (parts, assemblies, etc.) as per a detailed specification document (BTS).

DEGEL.US has also some shelf products that it sells to its customers, among them are:

  1. Consoles – with or without DELL harden Computers/servers

  2. LTS – Lightweight Thermal Shroud – Thermal Isolation for gun barrels

  3. Anti Corrosion protective cover

  4. More…

DEGEL.US’s System Engineering team can help in large scale and complicated projects as follows:
  • Project Management and Implementation

    • Mechanical Design
    • Manufacturing
    • ILS
    • Support and Warranty services
  • Specifying a new product

  • Designing a new product

Other services offered by DEGEL.US’s team:
  • Drafting Specification Document

  • Fast and high quality design of mechanical parts/assemblies along with all required documentation (design documents, BOM, etc.)

  • Improvements on existing products

    • Cost analysis and cost reduction
    • Transfer knowledge and production line to other countries (lower manufacturing cost)

Quality Assurance

Quality is an integral part in every project and practically in every process of that project.
  • Proposal Stage

    • Understanding the requirements
    • Assistance in quality chapter of the RFP response document
  • PO Received Stage

    • Contract review
    • Drafting quality related tasks document
  • Implementation Stage

    • Preparation of quality plan
    • Preparation to DR
    • Participation in DRs
    • Take care of all relevant Action Items
    • In case that a sub-contractor is involved:
      1. Ensure that it is a qualified/approved vendor
      2. If not, work on qualifying/Approving the selected vendor
      3. Participate in drafting the SOW document
    • Quality control
    • Acceptance Tests implementation
    • Act as the QA POC for the end-user