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DEGEL.US has partnered with Top Class vendors who are the key to our success in delivering high quality solutions to our customers.

DEGEL.US carefully selects vendor partners that have experience in design, engineering and production of high quality and reliability military products.

We value the privacy of our business partners, customers and affiliates and will be happy to provide more information on them, when required, under their consent and a Non Disclosure Agreement.

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  • אוהלים משופרים בצהל

    צה"ל רוכש מנה נוספת של עשרות אוהלים מוקשחים בסיוע של חברת דגל יו אס עבור יחידות מבצעיות. האוהלים, המיוצרים ע"י חברת איורקה האמריקאית, עומדים בתקנים מחמירים ומשפרים את תנאי העבודה של החיילים והמפקדות בשטח
    Rapid Deployable Shelters
    אוהלים משופרים בצהל
  • פתרון הסוואה מתקדם מגן מחיישנים תרמיים

    חברת SAAB Barracuda USA, המיוצגת באופן בלעדי בישראל ע"י חברת דגל יו אס, מציגה פתרונות הסוואה מתקדמים, אותם היא משווק ומוכרת בעולם.
    לאחרונה, זכתה במכרז לאספקת מערכות לחברת KMW, יצרנית הרק"מ הגרמנית, אותן תחל לספק כבר בשנת 2018.
    פתרונות הסוואה אלה שפותחו על ידי SAAB כוללים הגנה מפני מכלול גורמים – אולטרה-סגול, ויזואלי, קרוב לאינפרא-אדום, אינפרא-אדום בגלים קצרים וחיישנים תרמיים ומכ"מים.
    לפרטים נוספים, פנה לחברת דגל יו אס.
    להמשך קריאה

    פתרון הסוואה מתקדם מגן מחיישנים תרמיים
  • High-Tech Tarps Stop Weapons System Rust

    כיסויים יחודיים למניעת קורוזיה מתוצרת חברת שילד המיוצגת ע"י דגל, משמשים את צבא ארה"ב - פרסום במגזין נשיונאל דיפנס
    Tarps Stop Weapons System
  • ECU's for the DAP/IDF

    As part of the DAP (Digital Army Program), Applied Companies’ Awarded a bid to Supply and deploy ECU systems for the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). As part of the project, Applied Companies committed to provide local support services in Israel and selected DEGEL.US as its local partner.
    ECU’s for the DAP/IDF
  • Local Support on behalf of our customers

    DEGEL.US was granted a three years Service and Maintenance contract by its partner, Applied Companies, for ECU systems that Applied delivered to the IDF as part of the DAP program. Under this contract, DEGEL is tasked to provide local warranty and 24x7 technical support services including onsite repairs, replacement, etc. In addition, DEGEL will provide trainings to the end user and help with the entire integration phase
    Local Support on behalf of our customers
  • Johnson Outdoor (Eureka) soft shelters

    Johnson Outdoors was awarded a bid for the Supply and deployment of 350 shelters of the Rapid Deployed System (RDS) family for the IDF. This project was part of the DAP (Digital Army Program) and was managed by ELBIT systems. DEGEL was selected by Johnson Outdoors to provide local warranty and support services including onsite repairs, replacement, etc. In addition DEGEL will provide trainings to the end user
    Johnson Outdoor (Eureka) soft shelters
  • Military Technologies Exhibition

    Participation in the Military Technologies Exhibition, a local Exhibition in Israel
    Military Technologies Exhibition
  • The 9th Biannual Conference of the Corrosion in Israel

    Participation in the 9th Biannual Conference of the Corrosion in Israel, on behalf of Envelopcovers.
    The 9th Biannual Conference
  • The IDF is deploying additional hundreds soft shelters by Eureka

    By deploying more the 400 additional soft shelters, the IDF expresses its full satisfaction from the Eureka RDS150I – Rapid Deployable Shelter manufactured by Johnson Outdoor from Binghamton, New York. The RDS150I was specially designed by Johnson Outdoors to comply with the IDF's requirements.
    Hundreds soft shelters by Eureka

Our Services & Activities


Mechanical Design & Manufacturing

DEGEL.US’s Mechanical Design and Manufacturing group is specialized in the design of mechanical parts/assemblies for variety of applications in the Military, Health, and other industries, according to customer requirements.
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Designing an Operator Console involves many stages and a deep understanding of the customer’s requirements.
Our products: Console Operator Line. Lightweight Thermal Shroud (LTS) For T-72 and for 105mm Canon. Shelters & Containers.
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Ruggedized Rackmount Performance

ECS invented portable Rackmount cases in 1969 and has continued toset the bar for Rackmount usability, compact design and innovation. Loadmaster TMRackmount Cases provide unbeatable durability for valuable payloads.
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Finding the best source for the required product/solution. Open and transparent communication channel between the selected Manufacturer and the customer to ensure that product specification, delivery and price requirements are fully met.
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usaUS based Products / Solutions

DEGEL.US has developed partnerships with multiple US based manufacturers that are mainly focused on the defense industry.

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indiaActivities In the Indian Market

According to various reports, Israel is the second largest armaments exporter to India, which is in turn the world’s largest arms importer.

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Our Customers


Among DEGEL.US’s customers you may find the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and some of the world’s leading military system integration companies.

  • Rafael – Advanced Defense Systems

  • Bynet – Software Systems

  • ELTA Systems Ltd.

  • Netcom Group

  • Elbit Systems – A Global Defense Electronics Company

  • IMI – Israel Military Industries Ltd.

  • Shafir – שפיר משרד הבטחון, (IDF)

Rafael – Advanced Defense Systems
Elbit Systems – a global defense electronics company
Bynet – Software Systems
Elta Systems Ltd.
Netcom Group
IMI – Israel Military Industries Ltd.

Solutions & Projects